Introduction: Bike Basket Tutorial

Do you want to remember your childhood? Or do you prefer riding your bike taking your things near you?This tutorial helps you to make a bike basket that allows you to take your mobile, wallet, etc in sight.

The materials which you need are:

  • 3D Printer Clamps with screw: I use it with 22 mm of diameter but I suggest to use the diameter of your handlebars
  • A little piece of metal ( I suggest aluminium )
  • Screws with the size for the before clamps (in my case a pair of M6 x 15 mm)
  • Screws M3 x 30mm and screw nuts
  • A clip

Step 1: The Design

The first of all is to design the basket. I did two designs: one modern and other childish. You can choose one or design your own basket. I did both with Autocad Inventor 2015 and I share them in format .ipt and .stl.

Be careful with .stl files because when I exported it, the measurements of the pieces had been lost and I had to scale them. So maybe you would have to check it before printing them. I share drawings too for you can check the principal measurements. Now, Let's print them!

The files for the first model are Basket1_above and Basket1_down. And for the second model are Basket_above_simple and Basket_down_simple. Choose the perfect file format for you (.ipt or .stl)

The first model takes about 18 hours each piece with the measurements shown in the pictures (so long), but the second model takes about 8 hours each piece (it's simpler than the first). This is the longest and the most difficult step of the tutorial.

Step 2: Make a Support

The principal problem we have to face in a bike is the vibration. If we design plastic moorings, we could have problems about the vibrations break the plastic in the weakest zones. For this I decide to use commercial clamps (normally used for pipes) that have a hole for a screw in one of their parts. This make us the assembly easier.

First, we need a piece of metal for doing a second base. I suggest to use aluminium, because the main goal of this piece is to support the plastic base and it helps to join the bike with that base. I mean, this piece of metal won't do a lot of effort. and besides, aluminium is easy to manipulate.

Second, you have to cut a piece larger than the separation of the holes of the base. In my case, I cut the piece with the next measures: 80mm x 30mm. You'll have to file the edges if you want to avoid cutting yourself. It's very easy and fast to do.

And finally, you need to make drills. My screws are M6, so I used a 6mm bit. Althoug, I had to use a bit bigger than the other one because I used countersink screws. Be careful with the last one, because you don't have to do the whole hole, just a milimeters for doing the form.

Verify that the support holes are in the same place that the printed piece.

Step 3: Join the Two Printed Pieces

In this step we only have to pass two screws through the holes in the back part of both pieces as the pictures show.

The ideal screw is the one which hasn't thread at the beginning. I didn't have that type of screw so I used a normal one. The opening is harder but it does the same function.

*If you have problems join them, you are likely to lime the imperfections of the 3D printed.

Step 4: Making the Clasp

In both of my desings I leave a hole in the above part because my idea was doing the clasp with a clip. You can choose another form you like.

Put the clip is very easy: you only need a screw, a washer and a nut. Introduce the washer and the clip in the screw. After, put the screw in the hole and tighten it with the nut.

Finally, deform the clip for improving the closing.

Step 5: Put Clamps in the Handlebar

It sounds easy, but I only found clamps for 22 mm diameter ( smaller than my handlebar - 25.5 mm diameter ). So I had to change the screws of the clamps because they are very small. If the clamps are very separated, you can help you with a plier. Leaving that aside, I have no further problem and all works perfectly.

So, for finishing the basket, we have to screw the aluminium base with the base of the basket and the clamps. And it's done!

Step 6: Enjoy It!

Let's enjoy it!


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