Introduction: Bike Camera Helmet Mount Using Epoxy Putty

This is a procedure to adapt a helmet mount to fit any oddly shaped bike helmet with a removable mount.   This will give you a secure mount for most any of the new sports video cameras.  I am using this with a Contour HD camera but it could be adapted to any other camera.

Step 1: Remove Center Mount

Remove center mount from the Contour HD helmet strap mount.

Step 2: Remove Foam Adhesive From Back of the Mount

Remove the foam adhesive from the pack of the mount.  Remove all the tape residue.  Sanding the back will help.

Step 3: Add Foam to Center Mount

Use the foam as a spacer to help keep the center mount from bouncing or moving.

Step 4: Place Plastic Wrap on Helmet

I have had good results with "press and cling" plastic wrap.  Stretch it with you fingers so it conforms to the shape of the helmet openings.  This plastic film will allow the epoxy mount to release after the epoxy is cured.

Step 5: Mix the Epoxy

Mix the epoxy putty completely.  Fold over and over again to speed mixing.  Work quickly!

Step 6: Pack Epoxy Putty Between Helmet and Mount

Work quickly! Keeping the helmet mount in the orientation that you want, pack the epoxy putty into the gaps between the mount and the helmet.  the more you can fill the gaps the better secured it will be.

Align the edge of the mount with the center axis of the helmet so it will align up with your field of view when you mount the camera on.

Step 7: Remove the Mount Once It Has Curred

When the epoxy putty is hard you can pull it from the helmet.  Sand the edges to remove any sharp bits.  You can also sand to remove some of the mass to make it lighter.

Step 8: Drill Holes for Quick Ties

Using a drill make some holes in the mount so you can secure it with nylon quick ties.