Introduction: Bike Carrying Shoulder Pad


In this Instructable I will show you how to incorporate a bicycle carrying shoulder pad into your existing backpack strap. I had this idea while carrying my bike down a flight of stairs with my backpack. I thought, wouldn't it be nice if my bike would just stay on my backpack strap? That way I could open doors and give my friend a high five. All while my bike rested comfortably on my shoulder. It makes for a quick commute too this bike carrying aid. Whenever I have my bag I'm going somewhere. Whenever I go somewhere I need my bike.

You're only going to need:

Your bike because you always need that.

An old mountain bike tire which you probably already have lying around anyway.

Some Velcro which won't cost too much.

An old inner tube.

You also need some thick stitching material and a needle.

Lastly you need a knife or some scisors

Step 1: Step One: Find an Old Mountain Mike Tire

If you own a bike chances are you have one of these. Even after all those miles it can still be used for something.

Using your scissors cut out a section of tread to your desired length. The one shown above is about the same size as my hand.

Step 2: Step Two: Add Velcro

Take the hook side of the velcro and stitch it to your backpack strap. Make sure to use some heavy thread. Before you do any sewing put the backpack on and mark out where the velcro should go. I put mine right on top of the shoulder. The placement is not too important because after all it is velcro and it is adjustable.

Adding the velcro to the tire pad is much easier. Just remove the adhesive backing on the velcro and stick it on the inside of your tire pad

Step 3: Step Three: Your'e Done!

Stick your tire pad on the velcro. After you've done that just cut out some bands from an old inner tube and slip them over your strap and tire pad to secure the ends from sticking up. You may have to undo your strap adjusters depending on the type of backpack you own.