Introduction: Bike Cellphone Holder

This is an instructable on how to make a cellphone holder for your bike that fits in your water bottle holder. Money and other small items can be stashed in it as well.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need to complete this project:
- Water bottle (maybe an old free one that would otherwise just be taking up room in your house)
- Duct tape
- x-acto knife or some kind of blade even scissors could work
- Permanent marker
- Ruler
- Rubber band

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

In this step you are going to be cutting a rectangular shaped slot slightly bigger than your phone in the side of the water bottle.
1) Measure the length and width of your phone.
2) Draw a rectangle on the bottle a little bit bigger than those measurements.
3) Cut the rectangle out with an x-acto knife. Save the piece that you cut out, you will need it later.

Step 3: Making the Cradle

In this step you will be making a cradle for the phone in the water bottle.
1) Cut a piece of duct tape about 8 inches long.
2) Hold your phone in it like a hammock with the stick side on the outside.
3) Carefully lower the duct tape hammock, with the phone in it, into the slot in the water bottle until it hits the bottom. Let it stick to the bottom and tape the two ends to the outside of the bottle.
4) Pull your phone out and do this again until the sides of the slot are covered in duct tape.
5) Put some tape on the end of the cradle to keep the phone from sliding out the top.

Step 4: The Door

In this step you will be making a flap door for the opening of your phone case.
1) Take the piece of the water bottle that you saved earlier and cut a piece of duct tape the same length as it.
2) Tape the plastic to the opening of the slot so it is like a door. You can put a piece of tape on the inside of the door also.
3) Put a rubber band around the top of the bottle, so it covers the top of the door. If you move the rubber band slightly up the door can be opened and closed.
4) Place in your water bottle holder on your bike and go for a ride.

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