Introduction: Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Make a small pocket-friendly bottle opener from an old bicycle chain. I have seen bottle openers online using a piece of old sprocket for the opener and a piece of bike chain for the handle. I didn't have a spare sprocket, but I thought the chain alone would open a bottle and be a lot easier to carry.

Make an extra one to keep in your saddle bag and you'll always have a few spare chain links if you ever break a chain while away from home.

Step 1: Break the Chain

Using a chain tool, separate 12 to 16 links from the chain.

Step 2: Join the Ends of Your Opener

Using your chain tool, join the two ends of your small chain section to make a loop. Clean the loop thoroughly using a non-toxic degreaser or brake cleaner.

I have seen another site online that recommended joining the 2 ends of a bike chain with a split-ring key ring to make a keychain. this is a good idea, but makes for a bulkier item in you pocket. I prefer the simple loop of chain.

Step 3: Open a Bottle

To open a bottle, make a small loop, lay the end of the loop on top of the bottle cap, hook the sides of the loop under the edge of the cap and pry up. That's it!
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