Bike Chain Cleaner Out of Old Toothbrushes

Introduction: Bike Chain Cleaner Out of Old Toothbrushes

Cleaning and repairing bikes is something that I love to do. I also like recycling/ upcycling old items. If you also like doing these things this is the perfect Instuctable for you if not mine as well try something new. Toothbrushes are such a useful tool and can be used from brushing teeth to doing art. Today we are going to be using them to make clean a bike chain.


  • 2 old toothbrushes
  • Electrical tape

Step 1: Lining Up the Toothbrushes

Take the 2 tooth brushes and line them up so the bristles are touching and partially interlocked.

Step 2: Tape Together

Now that you have your toothbrushes lined up, start wrapping tape around the base until secure. Now your bike chain cleaner is complete.

Step 3: How to Use

To use it flip over your bike so the wheels are not touching the ground. Now with your hands pull apart the bristles and put it over the chain. Now rotate the pedal with your hand while keeping a tight grip on the cleaning tool.

Warning: do not put water on chain cleaner, will cause chain to rust.

Hopefully this Instuctable was helpful and it helped you clean your bike chain.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    10 months ago

    Neat idea! That looks like it would be as good as the ParkTool one I've got, but a _lot_ easier to clean. Thank you for sharing your ideas :-)