Introduction: Bike Clock

I commute by bicycle (weather permitting) and I thought it would be nice to have an easy-to-read clock mounted on the handlebars.  Yes, I know that most cycle computers include clock functions, but I like the easy-to-read analog dial.

Materials needed:
1) cheap analog alarm clock (found at a thrift store)
2) handlebar mount (recycled from an old handlebar-mounted shift lever)
3) epoxy glue (optional depending on fit)
4) silicon seal (for optional weatherproofing)

Step 1: Prepare the Clock Mounting Hole

Depending on the alarm clock that you choose for the project, there will usually be a set of screws on the back of the clock that hold the clock together.  Choose one of these screw locations for the placement of the mounting bolt that will attach the clock to the handlebar mount.  Remove the screw and drill a hole completely through the clock.  I used a #7 drill from my drill index which is approximately .2 inches in diameter which is slightly larger than the mounting bolt that I used.

Step 2: Handlebar Mount Hardware

The handlebar mount hardware that I used is from a recycled handlebar shifter.  These are fairly common on low-end bikes (or at least they used to be) so you should be able to find some at your local bike shop junk bin.  There are lots of other possible sources of handlebar mounts.  All you really need is something that fits the handlebars and that can accommodate the cock mounting bolt.. Happy hunting ;)

Step 3: Mounted Clock Details

Insert the mounting bolt through the hole that you just drilled and screw it into the hadlebar mount. I used some epoxy glue to fill in some gaps around the mount; this epoxy fill is optional. If you live in a wet climate like I do, you might also want to use some silicon seal around the front bezel to keep the clockworks dry.