Introduction: Bike Dynamo

'A simple bike dynamo using a motor as a generator.

WARNING becareful not to get any of the parts from this project caught up in your bike. This dynamo can put out more than 12 volts becareful with your parts or they could get blown.

1 motor 4v (higher voltage is better)
strong plastic lid
hose clamp looks like a metal circle which can be loosend and tightend. choose one to the size of your motor and the size of the bar on your bike.
something electronic like a bulb or buzzer you can test your dynamo on.

Step 1: Attatching the Hose Clamp.

Attatch the hose clamp around the bar of your bike put your motor in so it is touching either the tyre or rim. Make sure it stays firmly. If not try wedging something imbetween the motor and bar. See below for more details.

Step 2: Testing and Troubleshoot

Test your dynamo conect the motor wires something you want to power. Then start riding. See below for more details.

This is my first instructable. Sorry about not having real pictures but that is what it looks like except for the crappy bike drawing.