Introduction: Bike Frame Chain-Slap Protection

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Chain slap is a common problem on mountain bikes. When riding over rough ground, the chain can bounce and collide with the bike frame. Over time this will chip the paint meaning that the metal becomes exposed and can get corroded.

Solutions are available from manufactures, however they are relatively expensive.

An inexpensive and simple solution is to use an old inner tube as follows:

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Clean & Polish

  • After a clean to remove any dirt, use a duster to remove any fine particles of grit and dust on both the outer side and the inner side.

Step 3: Cut the Tube

Step 4: Wrap the Tube Around the Frame

  • Starting on the inside (hidden side) of the frame, complete one tight loop to hold the tube in place.
  • Continue winding around the frame, moving the tube downwards in equal steps.

Step 5: Tie the End of the Tube

  • Run the remaining section of the tube under the final loop on the inside, and pull it through tightly.

Step 6: Cut Off Any Excess

  • Pull the tube very tight, and snip off the excess.
  • Fold the cut end back under the loop to conceal.

Step 7: Cable-tie & Finished

  • Cable-tie the end to secure the tube in place. (for aesthetics have the end of the tie on the inside.)

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