Introduction: Bike Handlebar Camera Mount

About: I am a fun, loving father of 3 who like's to build and make.

Call me cheap, call me lame, call me what you will. I refuse to pay a ton of money for something I can make from stuff I have laying around. It only took about 15 minutes and it works great.

Step 1:

Gather the supplies and get to work.

1) I used my band saw to cut the tee.

2) Put the tee in a vice and put the cap on. !!!NO GLUE!!!

3) Drill a hole just big enough for the cotter pin to make a tight fit. Stops movement.

4) Wrap the place the Do-Hickey goes with electrical tape and install the Do-Hickey on your handlebars. Now sit on your bike and hold it straight up like it would be when riding and tighten the hose clamps. With a Sharpie, make a spot as close to vertical as you can. This is where the camera mount screw will go. You want this as straight up as possible. I rarely go for perfection but I went hard at it this time and it paid off, because my handlebars are not straight.

5) While still holding the bike in the proper riding position , drill the hole straight down.

6) Pull the cap off and install the screw and nut.

7) Reinstall the cap and cotter pin.

8) Screw on your camera and go for a ride

Step 2: My Test Ride

Take a spin. I did with my buddy Chris. R.I.P. brother i miss ya.