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Introduction: Bike Helmet Lights

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I am staying in San Francisco and when I lock my bike in the busy street, leaving my lights on my bicycle is not an option. As I need to jump on and off my bike often, going into shops, to work, seeing friends etc, I thought it would be oh-so-convenient and oh-so-much-safer to have my lights on the highest part of my body. Hence I decided to attach my lamps to my helmet. Here is a simple hack with simple tools.

This instructable is dedicated to my mother in Paris France, who just had a minor bike accident, that she probably wouldn't have had had she worn such device.

Step 1: Tools

You will need a

  1. drill
  2. drill bits
  3. cable ties

I used a simple hand-powered cordless drill. Old school

Step 2: Take the Light Apart

First, you need to take the batteries out. To make sure you don't drill the batteries :)

Step 3: Locate Where You Want to Drill

Make sure the lamp remains balanced as you will have to mount it on the helmet.

Step 4: Drill !

Make the hole as small as possible - just wide enough so the cable tie can go through between the batteries.

Step 5: Secure With a Second Wider Cable Tie

I used a thin cable tie through the lamp but it is not very strong.
I used a much thicker cable tie to secure the lamp.

Step 6: Attach and File the Sharp Edges

And voila !
I would suggest you to use a clear color helmet.
Ideally, add reflective tape to the helmet. Be particularly generous on the sides.
For the back light, I did not tighten the ties hard, because sometimes I would have to change the batteries - and I'd rather not waste a cable tie :)

There are so many other tutorials how to make your own DIY bike lights (it's a whole category on instructables!) - I added some pictures here. Save money on buying the Torch!

Enjoy and ...Safe cycling!

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