Bike Helmet Rearview Mirror

Introduction: Bike Helmet Rearview Mirror

How to make in minutes perfect Bike Helmet Rearview Mirror.

The mirror can be close to the eye, that does not affect the focus. I recommend the install that side, which you can see with one eye, until the other eye is closed.

Before fix, try your mirror in the best position with duck tape.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm a road cyclist, and I certainly value the rear view mirror I use. Mine is clipped to my sunglasses, but my wife clips hers to her helmet's visor. Our mirrors are about 1 square inch in area and are quite adequate for seeing traffic approaching from behind.

    The purpose of a rear view mirror is safety. As an experienced biker, I'm very concerned about this Instructable because of how much of the rider's view is obstructed. There are several commercially available (~$15 US) models that are much more adjustable for proper view of the road, far lighter, and are much less visually obstructive than the solution presented in this Instructable.

    Please remember to put safety first while enjoying cycling on our roads.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Don't worry about, can perfect to view to back. Just a little neck moving, and can see all angle behind the biker. Therefore egal which side install the mirror.
    Can see all in front too.
    If the mirror is on a longer rod, that can resonate, and less angle to view.
    But this version everybody can try before installation how many can see on the right position.