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Introduction: Bike Light

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Make your own bike light. The box I used for the simple Ipod amp project came with an army surplus survey lamp in it. Well the lamp worked, and my cruiser is army green. You see where this is going?

Step 1: Parts

For this you need:
- 3AA Battery holder
- Switch
- Old Reflector
- Army Survey Lamp ( from the simple iPod amp project...)

Step 2: Remove the Old Power Connectors

Two screws hold on the old power connectors, remove them so we can fit in the AA holder.

Set those aside, they are very heavy duty and I'm sure they will come in handy for something.

Step 3: Negative

Secure the negative from the battery to the body of the light by using one of the holes and screws from the old power connector.

Step 4: Positive

Strip a bit of wire from the positive cable coming off the back of the light. Solder the wire to your power switch, and the positive from the batteries to the switch too.

Step 5: The Ol' Switcharoo

Drill a hole in the box for your power switch...

Step 6: Attach

I use an old reflector to mount the light to the handlebar of the cruiser.

The light already came with a knob, use that to attach it to the reflector mount.

Step 7: Done

Ok you're done.

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    well i just put a normal flash light in the center of the steering wheel well i basicly superglued it on then used hot glue for extra grip worked perfectly for me


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I got a 1 watt LED head lamp (the kind made to wear on the forehead) from the hardware store and threaded the strap through the holes in my bike helmet, works great and I can shine it right at any cars that approach me as I am riding to get their attention. I have seen 3 watt LED headlamps recently for about $20.


    16 years ago

    Danke Schoen!


    16 years ago

    Hell Mrvoxius - I picked mine up at the local army navy store. I saw some on google as well. But any housing that will allow you mount to a handlebar should work. Just look for something that'll look cool! -Joe


    16 years ago

    nice idea. any suggestions on where to get the light? or a simple substitution?