Introduction: Bike Navigation Helper

Sorry, but its so  simple that you dont really need any instructable for that
I dont really have a gps, my friends says i am cheap but , I guess i am old fashioned and prefer the goodall map .
When i am riding through the woods i need a compass , so i found myself stopping all the time and taking out the compass and 
trying to navigate my self with the map
with that thing i do it while i ride
very Easy and no cost at all
first stage is find a board around 4-5 milimeters and make a square of 200 milimetres
on the top leasve a 20 milimetrs square where u will glue the compass
After that make 4 holes to put a rubber band to bind the map to the board
Glue the compass to the board
now it tricky, u need to drill 6 holes to connect the board to your bike, That depends on the shape of your
bar of the bike

easy , look at the photos
cost me around4 dollars making it 
good luck