Introduction: Bike Path Badge

This is a gift for my friend David who rides his bike everywhere in Melbourne.

Step 1:

Yesterday I went for a walk in Carlton and saw a new bike path. I love the shininess when they are new, and there is an excess of the glass that gets washed away. I picked some up and put them in the coin pocket of my jeans.

Step 2: Ingredients

  • toothpicks
  • large paperclip
  • round pliers
  • straight pliers
  • glass from the bike path
  • Fimo polyclay
  • badge backin
  • razor blade
  • tweezers

Step 3: Stamp

I used the pliers to shape the paper clip into a circle and a long and short straight line.

Step 4:

Using the paperclip and the photo from the bike path I made a picture of a bike.

Then I used the razor to shape the polyclay into a circle.

Step 5: Fill

I used the tweezers and toothpicks to place the glass in the shape I had made.

Step 6: Black Outline

I put the black polyclay around the white circle, on the back I used the black to hold the badge back on.

Step 7: Back

I use the toothpick to mark a message to the giftee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID 2018

Step 8: Finished Badge

I was a bit worried that the colour would not last in the oven when the polyclay was baked - but it was fine.

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