Bike Rack

Introduction: Bike Rack

hello my fellow Instructables this is my DIY Bike Rack


for this, you will need one 4 Feet long 3 1/2 X 1-inch Tubing, 4 X 1-inch x 28 inches long x 5 mm think Flat Bar

2 pieces 2 inches wide X 4 inches long 3 mm thick "this must be bend around the bike tire

Step 1:

get the longest piece 3"1/2 X 4 feet and drill two holes in the middle top face, then get the 2"X2" x 15" and Drill a hole on the side making sure it goes through each side.

get the longest piece and place the 2x2 x15 in the middle where you drilled the two holes before make sure all is flushed and weld it in place drill and secure with bolts

Step 2:

You will end up with a piece that looks like a T, see pictures 1 and 2

grab the 1"1/2 x 1" 1/2" 28 inches long and weld it to the 2"x2" right in the middle of the T see picture 3

Step 3:

for this step, you need 3 pieces of 1"x1" square tubing 11, 5, 7 inches long cut a 45-degree angle on the 11 and 7-inch piece on the 5 inches cut two 45 angles weld pieces together making a J see picture 3

weld a chain 10 inches long or so to the 2x2 piece,

the J piece goes inside the 1"1/2" piece that goes up. this holds the bike in place use foam on the inside of the J piece so you don't damage the body of your bike.

Step 4:

grab the flat bars 1x1 and drill one hole on each bar, grab the 2x5 flat bar bent, and weld one end of the flat bar to it on each side.

bars must be installed on an angle see picture 6 the one with the bike so you get an idea of how to do this step.

buy the lights and license holder and you are done. attach the rack to your car using the towbar.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 months ago

    Nice job! What program did you use to design it?