Introduction: Bike Rack for Camper Trailer

All items can be found in your garage if not Home Depot is a great place to start


(3) 2 x 4 Pieces of Wood, Use what you have in your garage

(1) PVC Pipe Cut in half

(2) Angle Brackets

(4) Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Lock Washers

(16) Wood Screws, to secure PVC to Platform

(1) Piece of 1/2" Plywood for platform

Step 1: Building

Cut your platform out of the 1/2 Inch Plywood to fit the length of your bike. Every bike is different so use your tape measure and start measuring the appropriate length of your bike(s) to get the measurement for your platform.

Step 2: The BRACE and Support Bracket

Cut 3 pieces of 2x4 according to your preference of height and width. Everyone's bike is different so get your tape measure and measure your bikes for the appropriate height for your needs. Then cut your boards according to your measurements.

Secure your boards to form a 3/4 Square Frame, make sure they are square and attach the angle bracket for support and strength. You should add long wood screws to secure the pieces together which also provides more support and strength.

Step 3: Attaching the Wooden Rack

You should use (4) Bolts with washers and lock washers to secure the wooden bike support to an existing frame on the front of your camper.

Step 4: Tire Support and Platform

Need to get out your tape measure again and measure the length of your bike tires, then Cut your PVC Pipe in Half to match that measurement.

We used a skill saw to cut our PVC Pipe in half.. Just draw a line down the center and cut.

Secure each half of PVC Pipe to your Platform with the wood screws, we place (8) on each. so that your tires rest in the PVC Pipe, this keeps the tires from moving during travel.

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