Introduction: Bike Renovation

How to renovate your or any old unspectacular bike into an eye-catcher.

Step 1: Get a Bike

Go find a cheap bike somewhere around you or online:D

Step 2: Pictures

Check your Bike and take off everything you possibli can.

DONT forgett to take pictures of everything you take away befor u touch it so when u put it back again and youre not sure anymore u can check.

Step 3: Sandpaper

u need sandpaper for colors thats pretty gritty and sandpaper for aluminium/iron/.... whatever your bike is made of thats pretty soft, ask the staff from the shop for help.

now the fun beginns.

1. grind of the colour, the less colour u have left the better, but as soon as you touch the bike and u cant feel any rough transitions anymore its totaly fine. this takes some good time of work. i did it all without any machines. the grinding took me at least 15 hours.

2. u grind everything again with the softer sandpaper. this goes ways faster ;)

Step 4: Colours

When everything is grinded and soft and you cant feel any dirty spaces anymore u should check for rust.

If you find any rusty places u should get a ant-rust "spray" (sorry english is not my nativ language) and apply it to the rusty spaces.

In case theres no rust u can go straight for the primer. if youre going to spray the bike in one colour i would choose a clear colour like white, clear or beige, something like that.

on my bike i had some "fancy edges" so i chose to get two colours. i choose beige and green. so i took a beige primer and a green car-lac (the spraycans they sell for cars) as the colour on top.

the carlac should already include a safety but i decided to buy an extra safety spray.

Step 5: Let the Fun Begin

so, u have the colours all thats left is to mask off all the spaces you could not take off or dont want to be coloured. this actualy takes some effort but its worth it to do it as good as u can.

first u spray on the primer, just follow the instructions on the spraycan.

then let it dry for a day and repead the grinding with the soft sandpaper again, but take care not to destroy the primer.

after that i masked off all the edge parts again because i wanted them to stay beige. Repeat the spraying with the carlac. dont forget to enjoy it hihi thats the funpart.

let it dry again for at least a day.

i allowed me to have some fun on mine and added some yellow that made it look like a 6 years old did it haha was woth it :D

there u go, applay the protection spray now if u want to and there u go.

Step 6:

the time has come to built it all back togheter. use the pictures u did first for thtat. If you dont feel all comfortable with that ask a friend or bring it to a mechanic for a check, its not too expensive.

Well, there u go :D

Step 7: Handlebar Tape

If you want to change the handlebar tape u need to remove the old one first and get rid of the glue residue.

As soon as it is all clean like the upper on the picture u can apply the new one. i recomand to watch a video there a tones of it on the internet. 2 tipps: start on the bottom and go up and put it on clockwise on the right handle bar and the other way around on the left handle bar.

I also changed the seat, but that one youll totaly figure out yourself how to change it;)

Step 8: There U Go




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