Introduction: Bike Repair Stand Using a Pallet

This is how to make your own bike repair stand for under $40.


1. Wood pallet

2. 1 in. threaded floor flange

3. 3/4 x 12 in. steel threaded pipe

4. 1 x 48 in. threaded pipe

5. 1 x 3/4 in. reducer elbow

6. 3/4 in. pipe clamp or pony clamp

7. A handful of screws

8. 5-minute epoxy

9. A short length of 1x2 but it doesn't really matter nearly any dimensions will work

Step 1: Mount Flange

Screw your flange down to the pallet. Mount in the middle of one of the outer boards.

Step 2: Screw Together the Pipe

Assemble this upsidedown L out of the pipe. Make sure to tighten all the pipe as much as possible so your stand will be more secure.

Step 3: Cut Your Board and Drill Seat-post Hole

Cut the 1 x 2 board in two 2.5 in sections. Then clamp them together and drill a hole ( the size will depend on the diameter of your bike's seat-post) through them. Once you've drilled your hole, epoxy one side of you clamp to one piece of wood and do the same with the other.

Step 4: Put the Clamps On

Slide the jockeying part of the clamp on, then screw the outer tightening part on.

Step 5: Put Bike in and Tighten Clamp, Now You're Ready to Rip