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My son keeps on growing and now needs a full sized mountain bike...we found a good old frame and begged, borrowed + bought all the bits to start building his 'new' bike... all we need is something to build it on!

Our neighbour has been great in donating a lot of pre-used bits including a clamp head for a bike stand, now all we need is a tripod... old steel bike that is slowly rusting in the garden could be what we are looking for...

...come with us and build yourself a funky [re]cycled bike stand...

Step 1: What Do You Need?

An old bike - make sure it is a steel frame, ours was a 26inch wheel bike

A bike stand clamp - With a little ingenuity it should be possible to make one [check out my Bike Wardrobe Instructable for a timber bike clamp]

A short length of threaded bar + four nuts - M10 [make sure will fit in front forks]

A can of spray paint to make it look good


A bunch of general tools - hammer, screwdrivers, metal saws, spanners, allen keys...

A welder - Beg or borrow as I did

Angle grinder - cutting + grinding discs

A bike chain remover tool - or just cut it off!

Step 2: Strip the Bike

Strip everything off the old bike leaving just a bare frame

Step 3: Cut the Front Off

Cut the front half of the bike frame off leaving a usable triangle rear part of the frame that we will need for the stand.

Step 4: Clean Up

Grind off the ragged bits of old frame to make it look good

Step 5: Get Your Fork

Take the front fork and check it fits into the seat post tube.

Step 6: Weld

Strip the handlebars though keep the handlebar stem [the part that fits into the bike frame]

This will be needed to add an additional foot to the frame to stop it tipping forward.

Open up the rear wheel hanger brackets so that the handlebar will fit where the rear wheel used to be...

...and weld it in position.

This was my very first welding project since completing an evening welding class a year ago... welds are not necessarily the best or neatest though they only need to make a good connection of the handlebars to the frame.

If you are new to welding why not check out the Instructables welding course, I completed it just to get my head back into what to do...

...I really liked the part where Audrey tells the story of her being advised by an old hand that welding is just like using a very hot glue gun! It does feel like it.

Step 7: The Clamp

The bike clamp came with a bar + plate for attaching to a bench or wall.

This needs to be attached to the top of our new bike frame tripod, in the front wheel hanger brackets that are now at the top of the frame.

Thread two nuts onto some M10 threaded rod [check the size is good to fit in the hangers]

Clamp it to the back of the bracket and weld to the bracket, I tack welded the nuts to the threaded rod as well so the rod would be good and secure.

Big thanks to my mate Col for the use of his welder, he is a sculpture who makes the cool metal men seen in the background.

Step 8: Clean Up

Clean up the welds with an angle grinder and grinding disc.

Step 9: Spray the Frame

The bike stand frame wants to look good... get out the spray cans and give it nice new coat of paint

Step 10: Nearly Done

Trim the threaded bar on the clamp bracket, give it a spray...

...bolt it to the top of the frame...

...and attach the clamp.

You may not have a bike clamp to hand...

...with a little ingenuity you may be able to make up one with some metal and bolts...

...or check out my Bike Wardrobe video which shows me making a timber bike clamp for the bike shed I made for clients [it is at about the 3 minute mark on the video]...

...or check out the Instructable that I made of the build.

The timber clamp is chunky though it may be able to be adapted to work.

Step 11: All Ready to Build a Bike

I am super pleased with this stand... looks cool... really well...

...and I have a few more ideas for it, to give it other uses when not being used to build a bike...

...a foot driven grinder attachment would be cool...

...any more ideas?

Leave them in the comments, it would be great to hear from you... to build a bike!

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