Introduction: Bike Security System Based on GSM Calling.

Hi Aditya kombe (@adityaC3) here from Eupholabs hardware community to promote #Makers and #innovation. This time a guy came asking me to make a bike protection system so that if he knew the bike is stolen he could call his bike security number and stop it on the way with all lights and horn blinking like emergency.And here he had it.It took me this list-

1.Arduino uno

2.DTMF module


4.small perf board

5.led and 1k resister


Step 1: Whats the Tack????

Picture above clarifies the situation .However We all know we can generate a special tone by a cellphones keypad button that is a combination of two tones of different frequency.

What is DTMF?? visit-

so every keypad button has its own identity tone that can be broken down by a DTMF decoder ic (say a HT9170 or 8870) . Shown in picture 2.

just tryna make a call and then press few keys , you hear some tones that are DTMF tones.

SO lets decode them and convert them into 4bit binary no. like 1 on keypad will be 0001.Now lets fed this data to Arduino uno then lets decide we Trigger a Pin no. 13 HIGH in output mode to actuate relay.

thats it, we use Relay to cutoff spark plug supply, once relay is on we Use its NC and COM to make sure the spark supply currents gets broken when relay is on.Bike is stopped!!

use buzzer for sound!!!

Step 2: Knowing DTMF Module????

Here i use this one ^

I got it from ebay at cheap rate almost 180 Rupees with cable free.

Here's a link-

It has four LEDs that are labled D1,D2,D3 and D4 that shows data bit output.

Another LED as VT just blinks whenever a new Tone is detected.

PIN CONNECTIONS WITH ARDUINO (according to my sketch)-

module UNO

D1 - 4

D2 - 5

D3 - 6

D4 - 7

VCC - 5v

Gnd - gnd

IN - headphone input

Step 3: Relay and Buzzer

Here , i've managed to start relay and buzzer together by pin 13, You can actually use another pin for another one.

Do not power Relay directly by arduino , add a transistor (say NPN BJT BC547 ) (note* you will get circuit on google or use the one i've uploaded)

Or simply buy a Relay driver board.

Buzzer must be 5v configuration.

Led is for demo Process. You can add if you want to.

Step 4: Done!

*Must watch the Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connect Every thing -Solder out- Fix .

Do all the connections and Upload this sketch - Eupho.ino

You can use the Demo.txt file for testing purpose dial 1 and Use serial port of arduino to detect.

As soon as you power up Module shows up nothing. Dont worry as soon as you add a cell Make a call ,Dial 1 pin number 13 gets digital HIGH and Press 2 pin 13 gets digital LOW.

Thank you!!keep making!!

(if some1 asks you how will the phone automatically receive a call just make sure you use a keypad phone and solder a calling button to arduino and somehow short it by detecting vibration from cell..This was just a demo project..)

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