Introduction: Bike - Simple Compass Mount for Multiple Surfaces

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Hi to all in Instructaland.

Super quick and simple instructanble for fun or serious use.

Since my wife and I have started getting out n about a lot more on our bikes the missus has become really interested in the navigation side of things, she wanted a compass mounted on her bike so she could get a feel for the direction of a chosen destination. Handy as I happened to have one in the car, her bike is a shopper or she has her newly pimped trike, I have my Penny Farthing or Unicycle with 29" wheels - the point being, apart from the uni this instructable will allow us to fit our compass to any of our bikes (yours too if you wish).

Step 1: S1 - Stuff

Ok - you will need.

! - Compass as seen in the picture.

1 - length of old bike inner tube that is a snug fit over the end of the compass and about the length of the compass plus a couple of inches (you'll see why)

1 - piece of inner tube about half an inch long.

Step 2: S2 - Assemble

Slip one end of the long piece of inner tube over the back of the compass.

Slide the small piece of inner tube half way down the front of the compass - as in the picture.

Step 3: S3 - Fit

Take the floating end of the inner tube and pass it under your handlebar or bracket - bring it up, over and around the front of the compass - tuck the end of the long tube under the band made by the short piece - pull forwards from underneath and backwards from the top to tighten - - your all done.

Level out the compass if needed - the width of the rubber holds the unit really firmly but if it does slip a little, make the short length of tubing longer by another half inch.

Step 4: S4 - in Situ

All done - fits in seconds.

See what ya think.

Oh yeah!!! - to get rid of that horrid blue line if you have it - turn the tube inside out.

See ya.