Introduction: Bike Skate Boarding

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Its never going to be an olympic sport but its actually pretty fun to do with friends DISCLAIMER: i am not responsible for any harm that happens to you Also works best going down hill

Step 1: Position

Now put you left foot on the right pedal or vice versa like shown

Step 2: Position #2

Now when you have your feet on the correct pedal tilt the bike away from you to even out the weight you can practice by keeping one foot on the ground but your weigh on the bike and slowly lifting your foot Im taking pics by myself thats why i cant be in the pic

Step 3: Push

Now that you have the position all you need to do is push like a skate board only using one leg

Step 4: Every Thing Elts

Every thing elts is the same as a bike your good to go If you liked this please go check out my other instructables