Introduction: Bike Tracking System With Dead Man Alert With Sigfox

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Security system for bike riders with tracking and send alert features. In case of accident an alarm is sent with GPS position.

Security for bike riders is a must, with road bike or mountain bike accidents happens and as soon as possible emergency personnel must locate you. This is even more important when you ride alone.

As bike user, I know how important is security for bikers and I want to build a simple, low power and high coverage device to monitor the rides and have a security system to send alarm in case of an accident occurs.

Thanks to the large coverage of sigfox network in some countries and an Arduino MKRFOX1200 with an IMU and a GPS module, it's possible to monitor the biker and in case the bike falls and it's on the ground for more than a configured time, the device sends and alarm with the GPS coordinates.

To check sigfox coverage visit:

Step 1: How Does It Works

This device checks every a configured timer (for example 10 seconds) the bike the inclination in the three axis (X, Y and Z) with the IMU. In case the bike is not vertical, sends an alarm to sigfox platform where two callbacks are configured:

  • First callback sends an email to a configured address with the possible alert and the GPS position
  • Second callback use a http request to my public service hosted in saving the alert. This database is checked by an Arduino Leonardo ETH with an Arduino GSM Shield 2 and sends SMS to the phone number configured to be warned in case of accident.

Also, this device sends the GPS position or IMU data every a configured timer, for example 10 minutes and can be tracked the position in the sigfox platform.

Sigfox platform:

Step 2: Wiring and Connections

As simple as wire all components as diagram shows.

Components used:

      • Arduino MKRFOX1200
      • 9 DOF IMU: GY-85 IMU Module
      • GPS module: Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout
      • 2AA Battery Holder
      • Batteries
      • Breadboard
      • Jumper wires

      Step 3: Upload Arduino Code

      With all components wired, upload the code to the Arduino MKRFOX1200.

      All code an schemas are available in github:


      You can also use Arduino web editor, code:

      Step 4: Configure Sigfox

      Visit sigfox platform at and configure

      1. Add new device
      2. Configure Callbacks

      Step 5: Test Everything

      Now before ride with the new device, test everything works

      • Fall event
      • Data sending
      • SMS sending

      Step 6: Final Prototipe

      For the prototype phase all components are inside a bottle completely isolated form rain, dust, etc...

      Put everything inside and check that it is solidly secured. Just place the bottle in the bike bottle holder and ride safe.

      Step 7: Future Features

      Also, this device could be used for tracking your bike rides or be tracked by your family or friends, or in case your bike is stolen, the bike will be located in a short time. As an anti-theft device could be hidden inside the bike frame in the future.

      Another application for this device could be for participants tracking in bike competitions with both features security and live tracking for organizers.

      Additionally, with a low energy bluetooth, this device could be controlled by a smartphone and add more features. For example send your location to your bike group to know how far you are form them.

      For more information about this project visit

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