Introduction: Bike Trunk

This trunk can be built within a few hours and can be very useful when going on bike rides.

Step 1: The Materials

The tools you will need are

-a saw

-a power drill

-a Phillips head screwdriver

-a hammer

-a 13/64 drill bit

-a tape measure

The materials you will need are

-4 metal brackets

- Some string or thread that is at least 2 feet long

-6 x 1 inch board at least 40 inches long

-3 x 1 inch board at least 40 inches long

-2 1 1/2 inch nails

-8 1/2 inch Phillips head screws

-a bike

-6 3 inch screws

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the First Board

Get your 6 x 1 and cut it so you have a 20 inch piece of wood with at least 20 inches of extra. (keep the extra, you will need it later.)

Step 3: The First Wall

Cut the extra 6 x 1 into a 5 1/2 inch piece.(Keep the extra) After cutting it you can drill a hole about 6 inches from the end through the 20 inch 6 x 1, and use a 3 inch screw. (Do this on the other side of the board as well.)

Step 4: Clamping the Board in Place

Find a good spot to put the board and then clamp it in place. This will help us while we fasten it to the bike.

Step 5: Cutting the 3 X 1

Get the 1 x 3 and cut it in to two 18 inch boards.

Step 6: Attaching the Brackets

Screw in the brackets with the half inch screws(on one side of the bracket only), make sure they are about half an inch from the end of the board. (Do this with both boards, putting 2 brackets on each one.)

Step 7: Attach the 1 X 3's

To attach the boards to the bike, you just need to put the boards behind the bars that connect to the wheel, and screw in the other screw once the brackets are around the bar.(If it scratches the paint you can stick some cardboard between the brackets and the bar.

Step 8: Attaching the Supports to the Base

To do this step you just screw in the supports to the sides of the base.( You might need to pre-drill the holes.

Step 9: Cut the Remaining 6 X 1's

To cut the last of the 6 x 1's just cut two 14 1/2 boards, these will be used for the side walls.

Step 10: Securing the Base to the Bike

To secure the base to the bike to the base you will need a piece of string or thread. Next you can drill a hole on either side of the end close to the seat. After that you can thread the string around the seat and through the holes you drilled.

Step 11: Attaching the Side Walls

For this you will need 2 nails and 4 3 inch screws. First you'll want to take the drill and pre drill holes for the screws. Next screw in the screws by looking where I put them in the pictures. After that do the same thing with the nails. (Just don't pre drill holes for the nails.)

Step 12: The Back Wall

For the back wall use the remaining string and tie it in rows on the back however you think it should go.

Step 13: Finished

Your bike trunk is now done, you can paint it if you want to.

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