Introduction: Bike Tube Wallet - Female

This instructable shows how to make a female style wallet out of old bike tubes and billboards/vinyl.

*I very much suggest to read my how to sew bike tubes/vinyl instructable before you make this!

What you'll need to make a Female Style Wallet:
-Old bike tubes (26" or 29" are the widest. just ask for these at most any bike shop).
-Vinyl (I use old billboards. I called up Next Media and they gave me a few free ones).
-Lube  (I used cooking oil because it's cheap, biodegradable, wipes off easy, and leaves a shiny coat).
-Most any sewing machine with a leather/denim needle and adjustable tension.
-Polyester thread
-Hot glue gun for tacking tube in place before sewing (optional, but makes it way easier/quicker. you can use clamps/safety pins too.)

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Step 1: Create the Base

Create the Base
1) Cut and sew together a sheet of bike tubes at about 9x10"
2) Cut a sheet of vinyl 1/4-1/2" shorter on each side

Step 2: Money Pockets

Create the Money Pockets
1) Cut a single bike tube to as long as your vinyl by about 3 1/2-4"
2) Cut a piece of vinyl to the same size as your bike tube pocket with the long side about 1/4-1/2" shorter.
3) Line the 3 sides of the vinyl to be flush with the bike tube with the excess of the bike tube sticking off one side.
4) Fold excess bike tube over vinyl - tack, lube, sew.
5) Make two of these.

Step 3: Card Pockets

Create the Card Pockets
1) Cut 5 (or so) pieces of tube at a little wider and a little shorter than a credit card.
2) Measure and lay pieces of tube overlapping at about 3/4" apart across one of the pockets (this distance will vary depending on the length of your wallet and how many card pockets your making. So measure it!)
3) One at a time, tack, lube, and sew the bottom of each card pocket.
4) Once all in a row - tack, lube, and sew sides of card pockets.
5) Sew pockets to vinyl wallet base.

Step 4: Sew Vinyl to Tube Base

Sew vinyl to tube base.
1) lay vinyl base in center of tube base.
2) cut 90 degree corners out of 4 corners of tube base until where it meets the vinyl.
3) fold excess tube over for all 4 sides - tack, lube, sew.

Step 5: Clasp Tie

Clasp Tie
1) cut a few foot 1/2" wide bike tube strip
2) lay across center of the wallet with equal length hanging on either side.
3) sew single line into either edge of wallet across existing seam.
*Note: a single knot tie will create enough friction to hold it shut. It can also come apart with just a simple tug.

Step 6: Finish

1) Use a rag to wipe up lube. Use some extra lube to whipe entire surface of wallet to make shine.
2) Cut any sticking up threads.

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