Introduction: Bike Unlock Alert System

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How's you doing ? You all have vehicles in your home. Vehicle safety is important to all. I am back with a similar type of project. In this project I made a bike unlock alert system using GSM Module and Arduino. When bike is unlocked it sends a text message to the phone no. which is uploaded in the code. When any intruder or thief stole your bike and unlock it. It directly sends alert message to the phone. Watch the whole video and Please do subscribe my YouTube channel for sure. "Help me achieve my dream of 1K subscribers in my channel"

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Step 1: Components

Gather all components like Arduino Uno, GSM Module, M - F Jumper wires, sim module, 2 DC jack of 12V, Arduino cable.

Step 2: Upload Code

First connect Arduino cable and upload the code without connecting Tx and Rx pins.

Step 3: Connections

Connect jumper wires to GSM Module.

Step 4: Insert Sim

Insert Sim to GSM Module and Connect Rx pin to Arduino 3, Tx to Arduino 2, Vcc to +5v and GND to GND.

Step 5: Reset Button

Now press the reset button of Arduino to receive message.

Step 6: Check Message

Now press the reset button of Arduino to receive message.

Step 7: Secured Box

place all the components in a secured box and connect dc jack to GSM Module and Arduino and make sure to short the RESET button of Arduino otherwise message will not sent to mobile phone.

Step 8: Care Must Be Taken

P.S : Connect dc jack to correct terminals of battery carefully

red wire to +ve black wire to -ve

Step 9: Here Is My Bike.

Step 10: Open Panel and Check Carefully

carefully check and connect with the polarity of wires otherwise fuse is blown off of the bike.

Step 11: Place Box

Place the box carefully and check all connections.

Tighten it with zip tie so that when bike runs the box will not get loose.

Step 12: Unlock Bike

Now take key and unlock the bike.

Step 13: Alert Message

See that alert message is received.

Step 14: Now Fulfill My Dream

For code contact me at email:

whatsApp : +919557024177

Step 15: Circuit Diagram