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Introduction: Bike Beer Holder

Being green and biking is great but can be annoying when you have to transport 12 beers for the end of the soccer game. As a true sportsman I decided to do something about it! No embarrassing girl bike basket in the front of my bike, but instead a cool Plexiglas box in the back.

Step 1: Requirements

-Should allow transporting 12 beers on back of my bike
-Should look cool
-Should lock (never trust other football player when it comes to beer)

Step 2: You'll Need

-Scissors or other cutting device
-Measuring device
-a pen
-old cardboard
-Straps to attach the beer holder to the luggage carrier
- Pen and paper, but the best is a computer drawing program anyone should do, personally i use
AUTODESK AUTOCAD mecanical 2009 (perfect for 2D drawings and actually easy to use)

Step 3: Design

I strongly believe in iterative design!
That always the best way to find all the design mistakes right away. This is the reason why I suggested to use the cardboard.

Try to make the box beer out of cardboard to start with. This will give you a good understanding of what different pieces to use and how things are hanging together. Also using your pen you can mark and cut the cardoard until you know the size of the different pieces.

Step 4: Implementation

Once you are ready with your drawings either draw it nicely on a piece of paper (each pieces at the right scale) or either use a drawing software.

You can also work directly from my drawings  if you want to, they are available online as a vectorial format, here:

Also take a look at the drawing and identify all the pieces. Pieces in order from top to bottom from left to right on picture: right side, left side, bottom, top, back, there is no front as the bike attach baggage is used instead.

Notice that the holes on the bottom part are used to fixed (using straps) the box to the luggage carrier of the bike.

Step 5: From Drawings to the Real Stuff

Once your drawings are ready, you can use online laser cutting services such as Create It Real ( , send your drawing and specify your material (I did one in wood and one in plexiglass, both 6mm thick), Its quite cheap and  you get the stuff home few day later (delivered worldwide).

Once you get it, you can put together the parts with glue or screws. See picture to understand how to attach it with screws.

Step 6: The Lock

Here you can see how a simple hole in the design makes the Bike Beer Holder a secure place for your beers to be.

Step 7: Ready to Go

well there you go!
Since I have my Beer bike holder, I am getting constant compliment on my bike!
I am the star of the soccer field and lets face it, there is nothing so special about the bike itself, so I had to conclude that the box does it all.
My friend who bought a ridiculously expensive bike is now so jealous that he is considering adding such box to it hehehe.
Hope you like it !

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Not a bad build, but not as good as it could be.  Personally, I like a cold beer on a hot day in the sun.  Fortunately, I usually only drink one, rarely a second, so no worries about falling of the bike and this getting busted up.  Little concerned about the see-through nature, doubt the local police would pass up detaining an individual with say only 10 beers, instead of the full 12-pack (must have fell out...).

    Maybe add some foam insulation

    Yard Sale Dale
    Yard Sale Dale

    Reply 6 years ago

    I have found a milk crate to work great as a beer tote. You can bolt it to a common bike rack, make a pannier out of it, or zip tie it heavily. You can carry a lot of beer in it, especially in loose cans. You can wrap the containers with an old sweatshirt or something if you want to hide it, and reach through the neck of the shirt to get a cold one when you're out of sight.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Harvey, hehe you are right, Fortunately, I don't have those problems because I live in Europe (Denmark and France) where it is no problem to be drinking a good beer in front of the police station.

    Also if you like your beer cold, the time of a football game in denmark and they are cold enough :-).

    But to make a US friendly version I suggest using wood and (like you said) some insulling foam, the top would be to install a small dynamo-powered cooling system.

    Phil B
    Phil B

    12 years ago on Introduction

    I looked several times, but could not determine if you are using a commercially available carrier on which to mount your beer rack, or if you fabricated your own.  Thank you for the information on Cut It Real.  Does vibration in transit shake the beer so it is risky to open one, lest it spray all over you?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Your right Phil, I'll add it in the tutorial,
    I am simply using the blue straps you see on the page called "you'll need" to fix the box to the existing luggage carrier. Actually the luggage carrier is part of the design since the spring part,  is used to maintain the beers in place while biking. So that allows then not to get shake so much and not explode in your face when opening. But you mount that on a mountain bike, just be sure to wait 2 min before drinking your beer :-)