Bike Carrier Receiver

Introduction: Bike Carrier Receiver

Can't go camping without family bikes! Using a purchased a bike carrier, I fabricated a receiver for the rear of our pop-up camper that will carry 4 bikes. All the components for this fabrication remain in place during setup, camping and take down. I raised the spare tire slightly and sits on receiver platform, lengthened the crank so that the rack can remain in place, bike rack folds down to clear the pull out bed. If the bike rack needs put on the truck for traveling,  just pull out receiver pin and go!

All ends of tube steel is capped off (welded closed) due to bee / wasp hives, drain holes drilled in bottom for drainage. When not installed just install receiver cap and pin to keep insect free.

All recycled materials: this project cost was under $10.00

Before you start verify trailer is secure and will not roll, drop or hurt anyone, inspect area of work for a solid frame and also be aware of all electrical wire and connections.

May want bike rack prior to starting to verify clearence


Step 1: Measure (AA) distance between frame rails (outer to outer) and (BB) body to rear of bumper.

Step 2: Cut component (A) 2 pcs  1x2x1/8 inch Length = (AA) measuement 

Step 3: Cut component (B) 2 pcs 2x2x1/8 inch Length = (BB) minus 1 inch, drill 2 evenly spaced holes for mounting

Step 4: Cut component (C) 1 pc 2x2x1/8 inch  Length 8-10 inch, drill 1 hole for receiver pin based from bike rack

Step 5: Dry fit all parts, check all clearances, prep for weld

Step 6: After welding, dry fit (check for wire location) drill mounting holes in frame rails, paint and secure with proper hardware

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I built this earlier in the year and did not take fab photo's. Wish I knew of this Awsome sight back then. I will try to have instructions from here on out!

    Thanks for looking


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Would love to see an Instructable on how you made this.