Introduction: Bike Headlights for Riser Handle Bars

This is a cheap way to add some candle power to your bike. The majority of the materials were aquired at a discount tool/hardware store. check your local circulars for free flashlight coupons!

Admittedly the free lights aren't the best LEDs out there, but you cant beat the price. I've seen some better quality lights that really perform that are the same size as these, or smaller. This should work for any mini-ish flashlight.

flashlights (free/HF)
hose clamps (cheap/HF)
hook and loop strips (cheap/HF)
a short length of tube (salvaged/This one is plastic from a broken weed whip)

All in all, If there was $10 wrapped in this I would be surprised. Batteries not withstanding.

My handle bar is a Bontrager Crowbar for reference purpose.

Step 1: Clamp Sub Assemblies

Make sure that the hose clamps are the right sizes for both your flashlights and the bar that you are using. You can now start linking the hose clamps in pairs in twisted figure eights. Do this for as many flashlights as you plan on using. You could also triple up the hose clamps and have another course of lights on the bottom.

Step 2: Assembling

Assemble the flashlights into their respective hose clamps with the screw on directly opposite the paired clamp. the bottom clamp should be pointed with the screw in the same direction as the light beam. Don't tighten these to the flashlights all the way, there will be some adjustments.

Step 3: Sub Assembly

Make sure that the carry tube fits easily between your gear indicators, and is clear of any cables on the bar ends. Slide the open clamps onto the length of tube all pointed the same way. Before you tighten all the clamps, its best that you adjust them so that the worm screws can be accessed later. You can tighten these in the spacing you'd like. Its also possible to slightly bend the clamp joints to create a wider beam.

Step 4: Attatch to the Bike

Feed a strap through the middle of the sub assy in between two clamps. Strap the sub assembly to your handlebar tightly with a hook and loop strap on each end. Send the middle strap under the handlebars and over the goose neck. This makes it possible to cam the light bar against the handlebar when you cinch it down. Once the lightbar is tight, you can now adjust the light beam. Hopefully you have all of your worm screws accessible.

Step 5: Keep Riding Into the Night

This lightbar can be removed or installed within 15 seconds. When its cinched tightly, there is no flutter in the beam at all.

Super cheap, super easy, and super effective.

Enjoy extended riding hours!