Introduction: Bike Ipod/ Iphone Holder

the bike ipod/ itouch holder is very cheep, easy to make and very useful for when you cycle on your cycling machine, so you can have hours of fun listening too your music, playing games etc. But keep mind that  i will not be responsible for any injuries and broken ipods/ iphones.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here is what you will need for making the bike ipod/ iphone holder.


hard ipod cover ($1)
adjustable plastic belt($1)


hot glue gun

Step 2: Putting It Together

glue the adjustable plastic belt to your ipod/ iphone hard cover with your hot glue gun (make sure there is a lot of glue so the ipod/ iphone cover will not fall of) and let it dry.

Step 3: Setting It Up

strap your bike ipod/ iphone holder to your bike handle bar and adjust it so it is secure and very tight and cannot move around.