Bike/Skateboard Rack and Guitar Rack




Introduction: Bike/Skateboard Rack and Guitar Rack

Here are steps to make your own personal, skateboard/bike rack and guitar rack. We are students at GCE Lab School, and are using what we made to put in our new building that we are moving in.

Step 1: Bike Rack


2 double sized Pallets (Good Condition)

4 Hooks

Plenty of Wood



Drill Saw (Circular Saw, Table Saw, or Hand Saw)

Sand Paper

Chisel (Any Size)



Steps to Making:

Step 1: Take your first pallet board and cut off the slats flush with the middle joint. You are going to use the cut-off slats and keep the rest for scraps.

Step 2: Take your second pallet and pry off 6 identical boards.

Step 3: Screw in five of the boards flush with the boards of the cut off slats.

Step 4: Take your sixth board and screw into the five upright boards to a reasonable height, since this is where you will put the hooks for helmets in.

Step 5: Take the thickest pieces of your leftover pallet and cut 5 supports that will go up against the boards you just put up. Screw them in from the bottom and the side.

Step 6: Screw in hooks where wanted at the top board so you can hang helmets.

Step 7: Test to see if the desired bikes fit. Chisel the spaces wider to accommodate for the right fit.

Step 2: Skateboard Rack

Step 1:Take the two widest parts off the pallets and measure them to be 41” long. Once you measure cut them down to that height.

Step 2: Mark spots that are 6.5” apart. Once marked cut out slots that are 1.25” wide and about ¾ of the way in depending on the width of your pallet, all at an angle of 20 degrees using a protractor.

Step 3: Once cut out sand the inside of these slots so that the boards go in and out easily.

Step 4: Take the next two widest pieces of your pallet and cut out 3 pieces that are 10” long each.

Step 5: Space these pieces out on the back of the slotted pieces, so that there is one at the very bottom, middle, and top. Once placed, screw the pieces together.

Step 3: Combine

Step 6: Center the Skateboard rack on top of the Bike rack and screw together to secure them together.

Step 7: Test to see if the desired bikes and boards fit. Chisel the spaces wider to accommodate for the right fit.

Step 4: Guitar Rack


1 Pallet

Piano Keys (20 White and 8 Black)

Hinged Piano Cover

Plenty of Wood


Cushioning (Leather, Rubber, Carpet, etc.)

Wood Glue


Box Cutter

Drill Saw (Circular Saw, Table Saw, or Hand Saw)

Sander or Sandpaper

Steps to Making:

Step 1: Use your sanding tool to clean up your keys a bit and the cover to a desirable look.

Step 2: Take your hinged cover and unscrew the hinges that connect the two pieces. Once separated take both pieces and cut them directly in half. The piece that would go over the keys will be used as the the top bridge and the back most rod. The other piece will be used as the two feet.

Step 3: Take the two widest pieces of the pallet and cut them each down to 3’ long.

Step 4: Set up one foot piece and another piece to represent how high your rack will go so as to create a square. Use this to cut the uprights so that they have a flush angle when cut that would match the feet and bridge.

Step 5: Take the thinnest piece from your pallet to use as the bottom front bridge. Cut it down so that it matches the same length as your other two bridges.

Step 6: Combine all the pieces to create a rack like so using screws to secure everything.

Step 7: Use the white keys to create a pattern on the upright pieces by screwing them where desired.

Step 8: Mark on the top bridge at even intervals of 2.5” leaving about 1.5” on either end.

Step 9: Cut down your eight black keys to 6” each. Take your keys and trace out eight cut-outs from your choice of padding. Then cut those traced pieces of padding.

Step 10: Cut out your pieces and glue them onto the sides of your black keys that the neck of the guitars would potentially touch.

Step 11: Take your black keys and screw them on the marked spots on the back of your bridge.

Step 12: Test fit your guitars and fix any loose ends or reconfigure the keys or bottom bridges.

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