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Do you have a passion for biking? I know I do, whether it is a long mountain bike trip, or simply biking to school I use these zip tie hacks every time. And after you read this, you will to. The goal of this hack is to improve biking for pennies on the dollar. And I believe that is what I've done.

Step 1: Hack #1

This trick allows you to easily carry your bike. Simply do as the picture shows, or be creative.

Step 2: Hack #2

This trick keeps your lock suspended in the bike frame, so it does not move around while you bike. Use a zip tie to hold the lock up to the top of the frame, and then use another attached to the bottom of the frame, pull it tight to hold it down.

Step 3: Hack #3

This is my personal favorite , because it's way and keeps biking safe. Simple put a zip tie around the bottom of your right pant leg, and pull until snug. This simple trick will prevent your pant leg from becoming caught in the gear chains.

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    6 years ago

    while step 3 will work once, you will also need some way to cut off the zip tie once you are done riding. What I would recommend is keeping a few rubber bands handy and use those to keep you pant leg out of the path of the chain. They are reuseable and you don't have to worry about cutting them off, and if you aren't using them you can store them on the handlebars until you need them.

    If you don't have a rubber band .. or it breaks, you can always tuck your pant leg into your sock.

    keep up the good work.


    6 years ago

    really nice muy friend!