Introduction: Bilbo Baggins Pipe

I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit and other Tolkien masterpieces so for this video I decided to make Bilbo Baggings wooden pipe, and I also recorded my own music so please go and check it out :)


Step 1: Design, Proccesing

Design your pipe as you want :)

Find suitable wood (I don't know which one I used)

Step 2: Shape It

Drill the chamber

Cut the excess with saw and refine it with rasp and sandpaper

Step 3: Stem

Cut two strips and gouge the hole inside to get a straw when you connect them

Make a simple jig to force the wood into a curve and glue it with string inside to stop excess blocking the hole

Step 4: Connection

Cut a piece of stainless steel (inox) which will represent mortise and tenon

Drill the holes for metal piece and also drill the draft holes

Step 5: Final Touches

Sand the stem to final size, carve something, wrap it if you want and put makers mark :)

Step 6: Smoke Away

Finished pipe ready for smoking :)

This project is very simple to make and It doesn't require a lot of tools to make :)

Have an EPIC day and see you soon with new project

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Woodworking Contest 2017