Introduction: Bill Murry's Scrooged Inspired Ghost of Christmas Future Costume Aka. "Video Face of Death"

Hello Ghost and Ghouls!!!
I made this entire costume from scraps I had in the garage excluding the portable DVD player. I had been thinking about building this costume for 4 years now and final got all the pieces and the time to finally build it.
The head piece has a Video screen for a face which play's video loops of horror movie death scene's off my iPod. I then have a video A/B/C switch on a belt around my waist that lets me switch the video to a live camera mounted just below the DVD screen. So when you look at Death's Face its you looking Back at your self (Creepy!). The only issue I had was the video being to dark so in version 2 i'm putting in a night vision camera. To top it off I fund some really long skeletal hand with long fingers that matched the size ratio perfect. The whole thing is about 7.5 feet tall. It only ways a couple of pounds. If you are interested I will Have a full How to "instructabel" available.
Hope you enjoy the video...Happy Haunting,
Uncle Boo!!! 

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