Bill's Stick Book (memory Storage).




Introduction: Bill's Stick Book (memory Storage).

My stick problem grew slowly. These things started to accumulate. And, I really had nowhere to keep them organised.

My memory sticks that is.

Then the thought occurred to me on seeing my wife using velcro in some of her sewing craft.

1. Find an old three ring binder not being used for anything else.

2. Apply velcro 'hook' strips to the inside of the binder. I used rows as a form of grouping index.

3. Place small pieces of velcro to each memory stick enabling them to be placed on the hook strips in the binder.


There is no rodket science here. Anyone can do this one.
Of course, I have a few memory sticks. You then run into the problem of remembering what is on each. I've come up with a numbering system which I record on a spreadsheet where I (try to) keep the content up to date.

It may not be perfect, though I've not seen too many ideas for storing memory sticks. Hope this helps some of you.

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    Dominic Bender

    Good idea, especially for sorting and keeping smaller items. Thanks for sharing!

    Out of curiosity, would it not be easier to use one large USB drive instead of that many sticks? I get the advantages of one stick to carry around, but that many?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Bit of a glitch. I understand my reply never got through?...
    In some respects you are correct. Alternatively the same problem occurs here as with large capacity drives. With the failure of any of them you tend to lose that amount of data. If I only wish to pass on a small word file for example, why waste a 32/64Gb stick?

    The smaller sticks are cheaper and I'm willing to accept the cost/loss than the larger and dearer items. Does that make any sense?

    Thanks for the feedback,