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Introduction: Biltong Maker

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This is how I made my own South African biltong maker.

Things Needed:

Dremel with bit(i used a soldering iron because i didn't have a dremel)
Black Box about 65 cm long, 50 cm high and wide.
Computer Fan that can handle 220-240v
Electric Cable that can handle 220-250v
Light bulb holder and bulb
Electric Tape
Plug that will fit your house
Paper Clips
Cover to cover the computer fan ( if yours didn't come with one)
Screws and nuts that will fit your fan and light

This works by drawing air through the meat dring it. The light is to help it drie and make it a bit warm to speed up the prosses.
The bitong can stay ebible for like 1 1/2 month in the fridge and it is delecious.
Biltong is the main snack in SA and knowbody in South Africa hasn't eaten it.

Step 1: Clean It

The first thing you must do is clean the box VERY WELL because you don't want your biltoing all dirty.
Then you must trace the size of your fans blades NOT THE FULL FAN. Then trace the size if the light fitting.
Now using the dremel tool cut out your marked spaces.
The picture is a bit ahead.

Step 2: Wires!!

Now take the elecric cable and cut about 1 1/2 metres of it. Strip one end and wire it to your plug the strip the other end an leave it there for now. Now take 1/4 a metre and connect it to your light fitting.


Step 3: Place It

Now place your fan on the inside and secure it with the screws do the same with the light fitting but only the actual place where you fit the bulb must fit through the hole. Make another small hole just above the fan to the left and pull the fans cable through.

YOUR FAN MUST SUCK AIR OUT OF THE BOX!!! Although you can have it blow in it takes longer to drie.

Step 4: Wires V2.0

Now to wire it up:

Connect the fans wires to the lights wires and then to the striped end of the plugs wires.
Tape all the 3 wires on the left and then all tree on the right. Then only now can you taper them togeher.

Step 5: Holes!!

Now for the lid take a small(ish) dremel bit and drill holes 1 1/2 " away from eachother but only on the high part.

Step 6: Voila(ish)

It is complete now. To make the biltong you need any antilope or cow meat.

Things Needed:

Spice of chouse 
1/3 a tea spoon black peper
About a table spoon of course salt
2/5 a cup of brown sugar
And of course the meat.


Wash the meat.
Cut the meat at an angle with the grain into about one inch strips.

Sprinkle vinegar over the meat

Place the spice in a bag and lightly crush the whole coriander so that the effect of the coriander will be greater.

Make the "biltong mix" by combining the course salt, brown sugar, spice, black pepper.

Dip the meat into the "biltong mix" until all the mix is used up.

Place the meat in a tray for a few hours, or over night, in the fridge.

After a few hours dump any blood that has seeped out of the meat.

Dip the biltong quickly into a water/vinegar mixture to remove surface salt

Take this meat and hang it on the paper clips and then clip the paper clips into the wholes on the lid
Plug your Maker in and leave for 2-3 days depending on how hard you want the meat to be.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Mmm this is interesting because you are sucking air but it has no effective entry point so it wont circulate properly. This will mean that some meat could be in a dead zone which means it wont 'cure' properly. If you put a hole in the top furest from the fan input you will draw air right through the box and this will not speed up but improve the process ending up with a better product in the end. The fan is just pulling hot air from around the bulb it would be better blowing air in and having an exit point. I hope that is useful.