Bimini Ring Game From Basketball and Pool Parts

Introduction: Bimini Ring Game From Basketball and Pool Parts

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I always wanted a ring and string game. I guess I am a tree hugger and could not bring myself to drill into a live tree.
Therefore, I had an old basketball portable stand and some old pool frame parts to make my game.
With the wheels on the stand, I can move this game around my yard to play.

Step 1: Gather the Parts /Hand Drawn Diagram (dimensions in Inches)

Basketball stand - I know not everyone has an old basketball stand lying around. I do see many set out for trash pickup at the end of summer (In Michigan). These are great for this application because even thought I have it on the lowest setting; you can raise the post up and really get a nice long swing (if you so desire).
¼ - 20 bolts (with washers and nuts) two – 2 inch; two – 3 inch
¼ cloths line hook (metal) approximately 6 inches long – with two nuts. (Optional I used a cap nut for safety).
Pipe (metal) - I used two sections of 47 inch 1 ½ inch diameter pool frame pipe. Which have nice tapers to fit into each other.
Pipe (metal) – cut one section of 2-inch diameter with taper pool pipe to approximately 10 inches (length just needs to fit down into basketball pipe
T pipe (metal) – I used one T section 2 inch / 1 ½ inch diameter openings (optional cut one side for looks)
Hose clamp (metal) – I used one that had a little greater than a 1 ½-inch diameter capacity.
Swivel (metal) – I used a 3-inch swivel sold for the use with a chain application. (This is also optional; I wanted a nice moving swinging motion. Not sure how effective this is; I never tried it without).
Nylon String – at least 80 inches long (depends how you tie knots) I used nylon since it was staying outside (compared with natural string, that tends to rot after a while).
Brass Ring – 2 inch with a 3/8 inch round wall.

Step 2: Remove Backboard and Drill Holes

I found it easier to tip the base over on the ground to perform the work.

I removed the backboard and most of the sand in the base. Weight is not really needed for this game. In addition, I reversed the base direction compared to the basketball application. This allows easier movement.

I cut one section of 2-inch diameter taper pool pipe to approximately 10 inches; keeping the taper (the length just needs to fit down into basketball pipe) Drill ¼ holes thru both pipes. Put a nut and a 3 inch bolt thru to secure.
I placed the pool T pipe on the 2-inch diameter taper pool pipe and drilled thru both the taper pipe and the T pipe.
Keep this in mind; the pool pipe is to stay in parallel of the base.
I used two sections of 47 inch 1 ½-inch diameter pool frame pipe. These have nice tapers to fit into each other, which makes the joint stronger.
Drilled thru both the T pipe and pool pipe. Then drilled thru both pipes at the point of the taper connections. I used 2 inch ¼ - 20 bolts (with washers and nuts).

Step 3: Drill and Assemble Cloths Line Hook

I Drilled a ¼ hole in the basketball pipe 46.75 inches (from the bottom of pool pipe - mesurement from top down).
Thread a nut on first to cloths line hook, then put it thru the pipe, and secured with another nut. This makes it easier to adjust the distance of the hook from the pipe - plus makes a stronger connection.

I adjust the curved end of the hook to approximately 2 inches from the pipe; reference the drawing for this dimension.
I aligned the hook with the open end facing up towards the pool pipe.

Optional I used a cap nut for safety (to preventing the sharp edge coming in contact with people).

Step 4: Secure Swivel Onto Pool Pipe

I opened up the hose clamp to pass thru the swivel. After closing the hose clamp I slid it to 67 ½ inches from the edge of basketball pipe. see drawing for reference.
Making sure that the swivel was positioned on the lower side of the pipe I tighten the hose clamp to secure the swivel.
I attached one end of the string by making a simple knot - I gave myself extra string with the knot if needed.

Step 5: Securing the Brass Ring to String.

I made a straightforward knot to attach the string to the ring.
The length of the ring and string is just a half inch greater than the distance from the hook end to the end of the swivel.This allows a slight tolerance in the length, to give you a good playing action.

Step 6: Having Fun

When playing this game: I stand facing the hook (with the ring in hand) approximately the same distance away from the swivel - as the distance of the swivel to the hook.

My philosophy on game playing is this: as long as the rules are fair for everyone and it is the same for whoever plays. Then it is all good.

I have no tips or tricks to getting the ring on the hook. I just swing the ring towards the hook. I have gotten two in a row.

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    9 years ago on Step 6

    Cool - Watched a couple of videos and now I understand. Good looking game. Thanks


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Could you explain exactly how you play the game

    Fikjast Scott
    Fikjast Scott

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 6

    Position yourself straight in front of the stand with the hook facing you. Stand with the ring and string completely drawn-out. I pick a spot that is comfortable to hold the ring, about chest high.
    Swing the ring towards the hook.
    It is NOT IMPORTANT to swing the ring & string hard or throw it. The way I play it; It’s not a hard bang off the pole type game. I like it when it does not even touch the pole.
    I would suggest trying to get a pleasant moderate tempo to your swing.
    The goal is to loop the ring on to the hook
    Each person gets equal tries with each turn.
    I hope this helps.
    warmly Scott
    You can make your own fair rules for winning the game.

    Just a hint if the game does not go so good: The ring will go on the hook soother if you will swing the ring and swing a touch to the right or to the left.

    Check out you tube, or google for videos.