Introduction: Binder Clip Robot Arm

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Hello Everyone!

We're back again with another instruction set - this time it's for a robot made simply out of binder clips, paper clips, and rubber bands.

The robot has a turning base, 2 arm joints, and a gripper end.

You can use your own controller and motors for this robot. In this instructable we're using our WiFinch controller. It comes with an app to control the robot over WiFi using an Android device.

You can get the controller here:

All other parts you may have lying around.

Servo motors you can get @

Step 1: Get All Your Parts

For this robot, we will be using:

  • 4 servo motors
  • 3 servo arms
  • 1 servo arm (X Arm)
  • 3-4 rubber bands
  • 2 paper clips (gripper)
  • 2 binder clips (arm connector)
  • servo controller (Wifinch)


  • Android Device
  • USB cord

Step 2: Create Robot Base

First we're going to create our robot base.

Get one servo motor, attach an X arm onto it, and wrap a second servo onto it with a rubber band (see image).

This will be your base and first robot arm.

Step 3: Clip Arm

Next, you can clip a binder clip to the servo arm, and if you're using the right sized binder clip, you can slide a servo into the middle of the binder clip (see image).

You can then secure it with a rubber band.

So now we have the base rotation, and one arm rotation.

In the next step, we'll add another arm.

Step 4: Clip Second Arm

Here we added another arm - you can fasten it with a rubber band (we didn't bother with this arm).

Now we've added another arm and rotation.

Next we're going to attach our gripper.

Step 5: Create Your Gripper

For the gripper of the robot arm, you can be creative.

For our gripper, we simply took two paper clips and bent them (see image).

Then, the top gripper is fastened to the end of the servo motor and the bottom gripper is attached to the servo arm. This way you have a gripper that can pick up simple (light) objects.

Step 6: Control Your Robot

In this step you'll need a few things from Roboteurs (you can use your own controller at this step)

First, attach the servos to the WiFinch controller

Once attached, plug the WiFinch controller into a power source with a USB cord.

You'll need the WiFinch App on your Android Device, so you can download that here:

Power on the WiFinch and wait for the WiFi to present itself to your network.

Once you find "WiFinch" on your network, connect to it.

Open up the WiFinch App and click "Connect" - this will show a blue light on the WiFinch controller.

You're all ready now!

You can start controlling the servos by using the app, sliding the bars connected the appropriate servo.

You may want to secure the base to something with either tape or toothpicks onto cardboard.


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