Introduction: Binder Clip Star

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As Administrative professionals day is quickly approaching. Show your secretary/ receptionists / administrative support professional your appreciation with this classy piece of office art. Using this handy Instructable and ten binder clips from your supply closet, this project won’t take longer than your coffee break.

Step 1: The First Star


10 - Medium size binder clips

Remove the arms off of 10 medium (1¼”) binder clips. Take five arms and thread each arm through the head of another until you form a ring. Make sure the heads are following a clock wise pattern.

I’ve colored codes the four sets of arms to make it easier to see how they attach together. The first five arms are blue, second set - pink, third - green and last - yellow.

Step 2: The Second Star

Attach the clips so the openings are pointing counter-clock wise and the “blue” arm is attached to the inside of the clip. Wrap one arm through an arm of the blue star and connect it to the outside loops of a clip (pink over blue).

Continue until all clips have two arms.

Step 3: The Third Star

For the third star, loop one arm over one of the outside five (green over pink).  Attach the arm to the clip so it sits on top of the fisrt set of clips. Continue until the remaining clips are attached. Take one of the last five arms and loop it through one of the arms you just attached (yellow over green). Connect the arm to the clip and repeat with the last four.


Step 4: Other Clips

Your binder clip star is complete.

The silver star is made with small clips (3/4"). Exactlly the same pattern, but I prefer the bigger clips.