Binder Hider

Introduction: Binder Hider

The best way to hide small valuables around your house.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Binders 3+

Step 2: Step 1

Draw a line on the edges you want to cut. Cut both ends off the middle binder(s) and one off each end binder.
Mine were two inches from the binding. Then cut along the lines. The cutting doesn't need to be well done because you won't see the cuts at the end.

Step 3: Step 2

Next use your glue gun to glue the edges, then hold them together for about a minute or until the glue sets. due this to all the edges you cut.

Step 4: Step 3

After gluing your binders together the end product should look something this this.

Step 5: Finished Product

Now just put whatever you want to hide in a small area and put the binders in front of them and no one will ever know where your cash is. Remember some of the best hiding places are in plain sight.

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    Seeing the finished product made me think that you might even use those folders as actual folders, say, to keep paperwork for three connected subjects, say, three cars or something. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Also, you might try to remove the ring/clamp mechanism to use them in other projects...