Introduction: Binder Clip Mini Tripod Helping Hand

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I wanted some helping hands with a larger clamp opening; compared to traditional soldering station.

The tripod base gives me basically an unlimited movement and the binder clip gives me a larger clamping surface along with a bigger opening.  The head swivels and tilts,  the legs have extenstions on them which allows me to increase the height or tilt to a greater angle.  The binder clip can hold items as thin as paper up to 1 inch.  This set up folds up nicely to store in my tool box for storage.

Step 1: Components

Mini tripod: (designed for cameras) mounting pad height 5 inch to 7 inch (legs extended), I got mine from the local dollar store.

Binder clip: Steel -  2-inch mouth width; 1-inch mouth opening; 1-inch mouth depth. Different sizes can be used, provided the handle opening of the clip can fit over the threaded rod and is not larger than the fender washers.

Fender washers: (need two): steel - 1 ¼ overall outer diameter;  5/16 outer diameter of the Inner hole; 1/16 thickness. These are not found everywhere; so a hardware store would probably be the best to find these. Fender washers work well for this application because of its flat surface area. I believe the threaded rod on the tripod is a ¼ 20.  It is not critical to get the exact washer; the function is to hold the clamp to the tripod.

Step 2: Combining the Components in a Sandwich.

I removed the tripod jam nut off the threaded rod. This is a knurled nut or knob that usually is turned into the camera to hold it in place.

This tripod has a shoulder on bottom section of the tread rod.  Put one fender washer over the thread rod and push down to shoulder.  Place the binder clip handle over the threaded rod and push down to first washer.  Place the second fender washer over the treaded rod an push down to the binder clip hande.  I turn the tripod jam nut over (to proved even presure onto the fender washer) over threaded washer and turn the jam nut to tighten the washer handle.  This makes a washer sandwich.

Step 3: Finished Assembly

This set up folds up nicely to store in my tool box for storage.

I like the fact that I can take it apart and replace the clip to different sizes.

Step 4: Make a Pair for Glue Ups

I made two complete Binder clip mini tripod helping hands, which helps joining two items for gluing etc.

I can do butt joints or angle joints; along with holding longer items.

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