Introduction: Binder/bulldog Clip Star

This is an easy to make decorative star that will have all your co-workers envious of your Martha Stewart like abilities.

I can't confirm but this also might be the same way they made ninja stars thousands of years ago.

Step 1: Supplies and Prep

Supplies you'll need: 4 medium sized bulldog (binder) clips. You'll only be using the silver handles and so you won't need the actual black clip.

Gather 7 of the silver handles, there will be one extra that you won't need.

Step 2: Assembly

It's a pretty simple pattern that you'll follow for the entire project. Please refer to the photo as describing the process using words would be overly complicated.

Step 3: The Clip

Once you've arranged your handles as previously shown, all that is left is to clip the right "foot" of the top handle to the left "foot" of the bottom handle. There should be some resistance as this will be how they will hold together.

Step 4: The Pattern

Continue on with this same pattern adding a handle and clipping it into the previous handle.

Step 5: The Finish

Once you've gotten all the way around, your last handle will be similar to the previous ones other than one small change. You'll notice that the left "leg" on the last handle gets clipped under rather than over.