Introduction: Binge Watching Netflix

Do you need a little help on how to binge watch Netflix? Well before we get started you need to understand the meaning of the word "binge".

Binge: starting at your television screen for multiple consecutive hours without any breaks.

Now that we have defined the term, it is time we get into becoming lazy and unproductive people as we continue into this journey of binge watching Netflix.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you can begin to binge watch Netflix you need to prepare yourself. Start with some deep breathing exercises to relax the mind and body. You can even do some light stretching if you want to. Your body needs to be relaxed so it can take on everything that is about to happen when you start to binge watch.

Step 2: Change Into Pajamas

You need to change into comfty clothes to gain the full experience of bingie watching. Comfty clothes will help you relax and be able enjoy the experience

Step 3: Grab Food

First you need to grab all the snacks you would like to eat while binge watching netflix.

Some examples of good foods to grab: Chips, pretzels, pizza, popcorn, water (stay hydrated), LOTS of wine, mac and cheese.

Step 4: Shut Your Blinds

Shutting your blinds will increase the whole effect of darkness. Your blinds need to be closed to be able to be in darkness and not have light distracting you.

Step 5: Turn Off the Lights

Before you get alll comfty in your bed and begin to watch, turn the lights off on your way to bed to create a nice enviornment for the next hours you will be busy.

Step 6: Get Into Bed

After turning off the lights you need to get in your bed or a couch if thats what you prefer!

Step 7: Blankets

Next step is to get wrap yourself up in blankets to stay warm. Make sure you wrap yourself up in a way you will still be able to reach your food.

Step 8: Turn on

This step seems obvious but you need to turn on the devices you are gong to use to watch Netflix. If you don't turn them on you wont be able watch it at all.

Step 9: Load Netflix

After all your devices are on you need to pull up netflix and wait for it to load

Step 10: Choosing a TV Show

Once it has loaded you need to find a TV show to watch. When picking a TV show you need to make sure that it is something you will be able to watch untill the end.

Some examples of good shows are: Parks and Rec, The Office, Gossip Girl, The League

Step 11: Watch Netflix

The main goal of this is to watch Netflix and now thats what you'll be doing. This is gonna take the longest time, probably several hours. Hopefully you are ready for this experience.

Step 12: Have Someone With You?

Did you invite someone to come watch Netflix with you? This is known as "Netflix and Chill" (18+). If you invited someone over make sure your intensions are known ahead of time.

WARNING: Netfli and Chill can lead to other activites

Step 13: What If It Loads?

If your wifi is horriable and netflix has to load the show, there are a few things you can do while it loads.

1. "Chill" if you have someone with you

2. Refill on wine

3. grab more snacks

4. take a bathroom break

5. a quick snooze

Step 14: Turn Off

Dont forget to turn off your devices once you've finished the binge. Lets not waste electrcity

Step 15: When You've Finished the Binge

Once you are done binge watching Neflix, you will be exhausted. It is proabaly 3 or 4 in the morining.

Don't worry about clenaing up the mess from all the food, thats what another day is for.

Just close your eyes and drift into a nice sleep.