Introduction: Bionicle General Grievous

The title says it all. This build is inspired from Star Wars Episode 3. I made this when I was trying to build a robot ant, but it turned out to be Grievous. This can have two arms or all four. It's made from three sets: Kalmah,Vaki Bordakh and Jaller.
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Step 1: Getting the Parts: Vaki Bordakh

These steps will show you what parts to get from the Vaki.
You will only need the head and swords from Bordakh, but it is a little complicated to get the disk launcher out. So I took a lot of pictures so you will not get confused.
Picture1:Vaki Bordakh
Picture2:Take off the head and swords
Pictures3-7:Image 3 shows the head. You will see there is a stick thing you need to take out(see image note).Take a long stick thing like the white one in picture 4.Push this stick into the slot with the small black one(see picture 5).Now the short black stick should just fall out(image 6).Now pull out the blue piece.
Picture8:Now split the disk launcher from the head. Make sure you remove what is circled.
Image 9 Everything laid out.
Image10:Put these tube things into the disk launcher.
Picture11:Put the eyes back in and put the short black stick thing back in.
Picture12:This is what you need from Vaki Bordakh.

Step 2: Getting the Parts:Jaller

Next:You are not going to need Jaller's Zamour launcher, but you will need his sword.
Image2:Take off Jaller's chest armour.
Image3:Split him in half.
Image4:Now take off Jaller's arms and legs.
Image5:This is what you will need.

Step 3: Getting the Parts:Kalmah

This will be the main body.
Image2:Take the squid holders off of the back.
Image3-4:Remove the head and take off the neck piece.
Image5:Split Kalmah in half.
Image6-8:Take this tube thing and put it in the third hole down hole in the waist piece(See image notes).
Image9:Put the top tube piece in the bottom hole of Kalmah's back(the side you took the squid holders out of).
Image10:Put the neck piece back on the same side as the waist piece.
Image11:all of the pieces.

Step 4: Putting It Together

This step will show you how to put everything together.
Image1:These are all of the pieces from all three Bionicles laid out.
Image2:Put Jallers waist piece onto Kalmahs back.
Images3-4:This how it should look.
Image5:Put Jaller's arm's onto his Waist piece.
Image6:Put Vaki Bordakhs head on Kalmah's neck piece. Grievous is finished!

Step 5: Attaching Weapons and Changing From Four Arms to Two Arms

Attaching the Blaster
Images1-4:Put the two tube things under Grievous's arm.
Push and then it should pop into place.

Attaching the Lightsabers
Images5&6:Take the swords and put them into Grievous's hands.There will only be three swords though so I used Toa Tahu's sword as the fourth.

Changing to two arms
Pictures8-10:Make sure to put two short tubes where they are located in the picture. Now move the arms behind the back of Grievous andturn the hands up like in the picture. Then put Jaller's sword in the hand and if you have another sword(like Tahu's)put that in the other hand. Next put that short tube in Vaki Bordakhs swords into Jaller's arm (there is two holes in Jallers shoulder.Either one will work.) The last picture shows Grievous with two arms.Image 11 shows that you can add a cape from Vezon or Kazoni,to look more like Grievous.

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