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Introduction: Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt Holster

Booker Cosplay wouldn't be complete without his super sexy holster!

So let me show you how to make one.

*note: this one is single fit only. You can not adjust it to another size

Step 1: Pattern Making

I did a little bit of research to know what an actuall holster looks like and how it is put together.
Afterwards I used some sketching paper und cardboard to construct and create my owm pattern.

Pic. 1 and 3 show the back piece which joins all 4 straps.

Pic.2 is the rest of the pattern including schoulder pieces, single straps, ammunition pocket and gun holster.

Pic. 4: I wanted the holster to a) look nice from both sides and b) be stronger and not so wobbly. Therefore I cut out all the piece twice and glued and sewed them together. This way you'll have leather on both sides! :)

Pic.5/6 To get nice edges and to not have this fake leather look on 'em I used a marker in the same color as the leather itself and painted them. U can use a permanent marker, a sharpy or copic marker. WHatever you find ;)

Step 2: Ammunition Pouches

Fake leather itself is thick, but not strong enough to stay in a boxlike shap on it's own. So I used 2 pieces of think plastic to create a little support. I then glued leather onto it and but every piece for the ammuniton pouches together.

Step 3: Gun Case

Some deal gun case. 2 pieces of leather put together for more stiffness and a better look.
Rolled it in and fixed it with sewing and superglue.

Pic.5 gives you an ida of the holsterpieces coming together :D

Step 4: Finished Holster

Before finally glueing the straps to the back and using rivets to fix everything+decorate the details, be sure to test wear it and alter your straps in it's length and shape to your body!!

There you go! Booker Dewitt Costume holster <3

Now have a few cosplay photos XD...

Step 5: Cosplay

Boshock Infinite and Burial at Sea cosplay

Booker : myself and my boyfriend I originally made this costume for (pic2+5)
Elizabeth :Kizaki Cosplay

Vest tutorial here

For more crafting and cosplay related stuff love,like and comment at Kion Cosplay on fb!
I'd love to see you come around and talk (nerdy) to me ;)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks cool but have you ever put a gun in the holster or did you intend on wearing it as it is? I've played all of the bioshock's and isn't there a gun in his holster most of the time?


    8 years ago

    how do you know which sizes you should take, for the length of the leather?

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No prob and you are welcome!Show me your finished piece later on, will you? :D

    size of you pieces: the 2 front pieces are the longest piece of the holster. you can use a tapeline or a string an measure from the upper center of your back to almost the underside of your armpit. To be sure with it, test it witha paper ord cardboard pattern first!!


    Reply 8 years ago

    thank you, I'll show the product when it's finished!!


    8 years ago

    thanks very much, this is great for my cosplay!!