Introduction: Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt Vest

Hey fellas,
I am a cosplayer and my upcoming cosplay plans are including the incredible,fun and mind-blowing game Bioshock Infinite!
This time,I will be teaming up with my beloved boyfriend to accomplish this cosplay dream - him as Booker DeWitt and myself as Elizabeth.
Because he is not able to sew or do any cosplay realted stuff so far, I will be the one working on this and I would like to share this WIP with you!
I will document every new step being made in this progress and present it to you in a more tutorial-ish way!
You can find more stuff at my page Kion Cosplay
And now let’s start!
Let’s go Bioshock Infinite!

Step 1: References and Details

First things first, right?
So I collected a few (!) reference pictures of Booker DeWitt. This way I can make sure to hit it right, see all the details in the character concept and imagine how to do it in real life.

Facts about the vest:
- time set is around 1912
- mans vest..of course; style fitting the early 1920s
- dark grey front, grey-greenish lining and back, black collar with decor stitching, 2 fake pockets
- 8 metal buttons

What you need:
- 1m-1.5m of fabric and lining
- scissors
- needles
- sewing machine
- dark grey to black and white threat
- maybe the Bioshock Infinite OST? ;) and don't let the circle be unbroken

Step 2: Cutting, Fitting, Pinning, Sewing

Seen enough references? Good, then let's start working with the fabrics.
Picture 3:
Part 4 - two become one
this is the part, were I show you how I put lining and the outer textile together!
Basically finishing sewing the vest.
When you put both parts of our fabric together, dont forget to put the collar in between those two parts!

Step 3: A Mans Vest

Part - It is done!

I just finished sewing the main vest of Booker DeWitt! Buttons and buttonholes will be the last thing to add!

Ready to wear it, Booker? :D


Holster tutorial can be found here

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I'd love to see you come around and talk to me ;)

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