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Introduction: Bioshock Splicer Costume

About: I am an aspiring Prop/Replica creator, just starting out, will be uploading more of my creations as i go along and aspire to make bigger and better things

I created this costume my visit to London Comic Con 2013 (26th of October). it was meant to be a cheap, quick and simple costume that people would still recognize. If you are attending the event and want to say hello, i will talk, just say you saw my instructable and i will know why you know me, I will be walking round with a friend who will be dressed up as a female Commander Shepard wielding an Omni Blade (the one i made for her).

Step 1: The Materials

1 x old school shirt (long). Found mine in my wardrobe but you could probably get one from the likes of Primark
1 x plain black tie, bought mine from a scope shop for £3
1 x pair of black (school) pants, i use them for work so just thought they could become multipurpose
1 x black adjustable trouser suspenders, i bought mine here
1 x pair of black formal shoes. Also what i use for work, just go thrift shopping if you need some
1 x white long nosed mask, bought mine from here
1 x black acrylic paint
1 x crimson red acrylic paint
1 x copper metallic acrylic paint
(paint I bought at The Works, but you could probably find in other places as well)
1 x clear acrylic gloss spray paint, i bought mine here
1 x red monkey wrench, bought mine from here

Prices on links may vary to what i originally paid as offers may of ended

Overall this project probably cost me under £20 maybe just a tad over, it will depend on cost depending on what you have already

Step 2: The Mask (part 1)

After your mask has arrived, it is time to do the base paint. Get a hold of a paint brush and your black acrylic paint and paint until your heart’s content.
I did two coats of black on each side (for consistence and to make it look proper), but you may decide to do more.

Step 3: The Mask (part 2 - the Details)

next you will want to make your mask like something from the game, but me being me i decided to put my own touch to this so i looked at a concept image for a spider splicers mask and went to work on the pattern. Using your copper metallic paint. let your creativity flow!

As all Bioshock fans will know that splicers aren’t the most cleanest of people, blood everywhere from the continuous bashing of each other's heads in over to make this realistic i got my crimson red paint, added a bit of water to it in a container to make it very runny, dipped my brush in and started flicking the "blood" at it. How much blood is up to you but mine is quite bloody.

Do not do this inside as it is very messy, do it outside and if you can lie something under your work area as the paint likes to fly everywhere.

Step 4: The Mask (part 3 - Finishing Touches)

After you're happy with your design, it is time to had that bit of shine to your mask and also this layer will help protect it. Get your clear acrylic gloss spray paint and go back outside to your working area, give the can a good shake (read instructions on the can) and give the mask its first layer. Do this on both sides, in the end i did 3 coats of it on both sides.


Now your mask is nice and shiny, time to get onto the shirt.

Step 5: The Shirt

Now that your mask is done it is time to add some more blood to the costume. I would highly advise putting something underneath your work area as this is very messy stuff.

Get some of your crimson red paint and put it into a container or some form, add a tiny amount of black to it, this stops it from going as pink in the end. Just add water to the paint and make sure it is mixed in well in is as runny as water. Next take out the mixture, lay down your shirt and start flicking away with your paint brush. Do the same with your tie.
Don’t forget the back to but only a tad is needed (just for consistency). My advice is to leave the shirt and tie somewhere hung up for at least 24hours to make sure it has stained properly then it can be used.

Just a bit of warning, the "blood" doesn’t show up very well on the tie but you can see it faintly so it looks at least that something is there.

Step 6: Et Voilà !

Now assemble your costume, attach your braces, put on your mask, wield your wrench and get going. So again here is the finished look you want to achieve, i had the idea of putting neon blue paint on my left hand in the same pattern as the electro bolt plasmid does on jack's hand when it is activated, maybe i will do that at the comic con, or another event.

Will update this page with images of me at different events etc.

Hope this was interesting and helpful.

Thanks for reading :)

Step 7: Cosplay in Action

The first image is me and two other bioshock cosplayers at London Comic con 2013

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    8 years ago

    The splicer costume looks great!

    Hydra Props
    Hydra Props

    Reply 8 years ago

    thank you, i will be posting images of an updated version once ive been to wigan comic con :)