Biped Fighting Robot (Part 1.0)

Introduction: Biped Fighting Robot (Part 1.0)

Hello everyone, this will be the beginning of a series of instructables were i'm gonna upload my updates of my robotics project. The robot is made of 3mm acrylic pieces that have even laser cutted. Since this could be probably my finals project for my university i'm not going to give you the 3d file for making the robot, yet. The cpu is an Arduino Leonardo, and the reason for this is that it's easier to test the serial connection (First via usb and then via bluetooth with a HC-05). There is an example for it in one of the images where you can see a servo and an acrylic piece mounted with screws.

Step 1: Video Updates

The other way you can follow this project is by my video updates in my Youtube channel, so feel free to subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoy my videos. The video here shows both configurations for the arms and the two possible uppercuts that the robot can perform. There are two more videos in my channel that show the app that i developed for communicating with the robot, and a synchronization test for the servos. That's it for today see you next time ( when the servos arrive from china or the final pieces are cut).

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    I can see the code please

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