Introduction: Biped Robot

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Hello guys this instructable will help you build your own BiPED ROBOT,that you can program and make it do what you this instructable will be be a easy DIY, if u follow this instructable you will be able to build one in 3 days

Step 1: Before U Get Started

The basic misconception is, bipeds are difficult to please remove that from your mind.

so as this is a DIY.ill be using readily available and affordable materials in this project.

so if you folow the tutorial you will be able to build this one in 3 days..

so are u ready to own YOUR OWN BIPED ROBOT

Step 2: Material to Get Started

so first we will bebuilding the parts for the bi-ped

don't worry if you dont have a 3d printer.

assuming that you dont own a 3d printer.

we will be making use of balsa wood to make the parts for the robot.

so material for making the robot parts

1. 5mm balsa wood 1 sheet will be more than enough

2. some nuts and bolts

a.5mm dia and 75mm long

b.5mm dia and 20mm long

3. glue gun

4.few geometry instruments like compass,protracters and scales.

5. 6 servos for the actuations

Step 3: So Lets Make It

you will have to cut the balsa sheet into the following dimensions. These pieces would together form the robot parts

1. 8.5cm by 3.5cm

2. 7cm by 3.5cm

3. 6cm by 3.5cm

4. and semicircular pieces like in the pictures to make the ankle part.

a. raduis=3cm length =7cm(refer the picture) 4 such.

Step 4: Connecting the Pieces

guys next step is very simple if you see the pics you will be able to do it easily

so im posting a youtube link also you can watch this to hav a clear idea about how the parts have been connected

Step 5: After Connecting

you are almost done!

now you will be having two such legs

for a clear idea im pasting a link to youtube video

watch it to know about what you should have by the end of the previous step

so after connecting all of these you should have two of such legs

Step 6: So Now You Just Hav to Connecting Both Legs

this is very simple just connect the two parts firmly on a sheet of balsa then you are done

you finally have it!

now what you have is this

so get going!

put on any mcu program it

add more features nad have fun